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Hosting a website on google drive and visualizing data from drive spreadsheets

I just found out you can host a website on Google Drive, including Javascript files!:

Here is the code for this project.

Women In Bio wanted a central repository of mentorship ideas, topics and articles. So I created a bunch of Google Forms to collect that sort of information, the responses for which are saved to a Google spreadsheet that is published to the web (so it is read-only for users with the link).

I created an html file that links to all the forms and spreadsheets and saved that to a folder in Google Drive. This is how I got Drive to host those resources and display them as a website. Note: you may need to change your Drive upload settings so it doesn't automatically convert your html and css files into Google docs format. 

Besides including some basic css, I also uploaded two javascript files for some d3.js visualizations. This is how I retrieved data from Google spreadsheets in json format.

In addition to a little force layout visualization (because who doesn't like playing with those? They're so sproingy) I included a bar chart that displays the number of submissions in each form. 


One day I will pick up my d3.js, python, twitter and feminism project again.